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As your trusted oral healthcare provider, we at Marquis Cosmetic & Sedation Dentistry want to give you the gift of oral healthcare knowledge!

The more you know about the health risks associated with dental problems and oral health issues, you'll be better prepared to take charge of your health. Today, we know that poor dental health - particularly periodontal (gum) disease - has been linked to heart disease and issues in pregnancy. Almost 80% of the population are unaware they have this disease because there are usually no tell-tale signs, like pain (as in cavities). Oral healthcare practitioners are also able to perform oral cancer screenings. This occurs with every dental examination when the dentist evaluates any oral lesions that may be present in the mouth.

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Dental examinations are a critical part of your annual health screenings to keep yourself healthy. By seeing your dentist every 6 months you are taking charge of your health!



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